Holle Stage 4 Organic Formula

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Holle Stage 4 Organic (Bio) Toddler Milk Formula

The best possible nutrition for your child from as of 12th months at the best price.

Holle Stage 4

Main Features of Holle Stage 4

Product Description of Holle Stage 4

Holle Stage 4 Organic (Bio) Baby Milk Formula (400g) is a certified-organic milk for todders from 12 months on. It is designed for toddlers who need extra nutrition as a milk until they are two or three years old. Made from Demeter milk, Holle is easy to digest with no added sugar.

Holle Stage 4 is 99% organic with production in Germany.. The cows that produce the milk are raised on biodynamic farms that follow the strict International Demeter guidelines as well as those from the EU. These standards require that cows graze in fields and pastures that are not touched by chemicals and are never dehorned.

Demeter-quality agriculture means that everything that is done will benefit the animals as well as the land with no harsh or synthetic ingredients or processes. The other ingredients from organic vegetable oils and essential fatty acids are also important to a well-balanced food for every baby.

Organic maltodextrin provides energy and makes every bottle satisfying and creamy, but also balances the sweetness of the milk. Even though 1% of the ingredients are not organic, they are required for every baby’s growth and development.

Each box of Holle contains a sachet that helps to maintain freshness after it is opened. Even though the boxes can be damaged during shipment, the contents are safe and secure.

Benefits of Holle Stage 4

Everything that is in Holle Stage 4 is what toddlers need as they continue to grow and develop. While many toddlers are ready to start whole milk at 12 months, some are not ready to wean off of the formula. Holle provides all of the nutrition that complements a mixed diet of milk and table foods.

Demeter certification means that this product has the highest standards in organic quality while taking care of the environment. This is reassuring to many parents when looking for an organic toddler milk formula that is natural and clean. It is great for older babies who have more of an appetite, need more vitamins and minerals, are supplementing with breast milk or if weaning off of breastfeeding. Most importantly, parents have been happy in reviews how their baby finds it to be delicious.

Holle Stage 4 is made in Germany and is only available in the USA online. You can find this product and other products by Holle on our website.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Holle stage 4 - like
Posted by J. C. on Jun 28th 2019

My daughter did not like milk, and I wanted to make sure she still had something other than baby formula. I’m so glad that Holle has a toddler milk. She has been on Holle throughout her first year, so it makes sense to continue with the brand that works for her.

Great organic milk
Posted by Maria N. on Jun 29th 2019

Even though we can find organic whole milk, I want my baby to stay on Demeter milk for a little while longer. It is worth it to have Holle toddler milk along with foods at meals and snacks. Baby is doing well and happy.

Best quality milk
Posted by Sammi on Jun 30th 2019

The quality of Holle is like nothing else. Stage 4 lets me keep feeding my baby a milk that has been good for him from the inside out. This is our third baby and I have only used Holle for all of them.

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About Holle Organic

Holle started making organic baby food in 1933, making it the first organic baby food manufacturer in Europe. It is also the first Demeter-certified baby food manufacturer in Europe. As a pioneer of biodynamic food, Holle Organic is a leader in the field and committed to organic baby nutrition and environmental sustainability. In 2013, Holle introduced the first CO2 neutral Demeter baby milk and infant formula. The company has sites in Switzerland and Germany where it makes products such as infant milk formula, goat milk formula, purees and solids. Holle also includes brands such as Lebenswert Bio infant milk formulas.

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